Dangling earrings with an impressive design and enamel


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  • 24k gold plated brass with green enamel center details
  • Handmade jewelry by the Greek designer Nefeli Lionaki
  • Gold plated silver clasp stud with silicone
  • Length 5 cm.
  • Jewellery maintenance and safekeeping

    To slow down the wear and tear of your jewelry, it would be a good idea to take it off when wearing perfume, lotion, creams, washing dishes, showering, entering the sea, swimming pool or spa.

    In general, be careful that they do not come into contact with chemicals because these can cause permanent damage to your metallized jewelry. After you go out, it would be good to remove them and place them in velvet cases or special jewelry boxes.

    Add color to your life!

    Enamel is a material used in the final stage of making a piece of jewelry to give it the necessary color.

    Maintenance of enamel: It is best to avoid exposing it to the sun and salt water for a long time, as it is very likely that its glossy texture and color will change.


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